Pathway to Gas

Course Details:

Our Pathway to Gas courses are designed for complete new entrants to the gas industry, whether it is somebody changing career completely, or somebody that is in a similar field such as plumbing and electrics and is seeking an extension to the scope of services that they can provide to their customers. The first stage of the process is the time spent in the classroom with a trainer/assessor, followed by building a portfolio of jobs in real-world scenarios alongside a Gas Safe registered engineer. The training centre is owned and operated by engineers with decades of experience in the gas industry, and it is highly important to the whole team at ECS Gas Training Grimsby that we provide an excellent standard of training in a relaxed environment that does not feel like a typical college experience. We keep class sizes small to ensure that our training is provided with a personal touch and there is a balance between one-to-one time with an assessor as well as group discussions. Candidate must complete a portfolio of 50 Jobs with a Gas Safe Registered engineer as evidence of their competency. (not included as part of the course) If you require any further information, please feel free to contact us at any time using the details below. You are always welcome to visit our centre beforehand for an informal face-to-face chat over a cup of tea or coffee. It gives you the chance to look around in a relaxed environment and get a feel for the place and to be 100% happy before committing to anything.
• What are the Entry requirements? 
There are no explicit entry requirements to enrol on our domestic Pathway to Gas courses, as they are designed for new entrants to the gas industry, however candidates will be expected to commitments to the course in terms of time and finance. In any case, we always invite candidates to the training centre to view our facilities and meet the team, as well as discuss any specific queries about the courses that we provide.
• How will I be trained and assessed?
The classroom element of the course is carried out at our state-of-the-art training centre in Grimsby, featuring a wide range of appliances that will be used as part of practical demonstrations throughout the training programme. In addition, there will be theoretical training ranging from presentations, group discussions and one-to-one work with a trainer and assessor.
The training is tailored towards ensuring that trainees leave the process with the knowledge and competence to work safely on a range of appliances that they will ultimately encounter in real world situations, including but not limited to meters, fires, cookers, boilers and water heaters.
During the time spent in the classroom at the training facility, trainees will be given many opportunities to display their understanding and progress through theory papers and practical tasks on live gas appliances in a controlled environment, which serve as the formal assessment element of this managed learning programme.
• What will I achieve? 
Once a trainee has completed the Pathway to Gas course and submitted a satisfactory portfolio, they will be given a Pathway to Gas certificate, which means that they are able to proceed onto their ACS initial assessments, which include CCN1 (Core domestic natural gas qualification), CPA1 (combustion performance analysis – flue gas analyser), CENWAT (central heating boilers and water heaters), CKR1 (Cookers and range cookers), HTR1 (Fires and space heaters) and MET1 (Domestic meter installations)
• Enquire now 
If a new and exciting career in the gas industry sounds like something you may be interested in, please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange an informal face-to-face meeting so that we can show you our facilities and you can meet the team that can set you on the path to a bright future in the industry.

What is the cost?

Our Managed Learning Programme [Pathway to Gas] is £6000.00 + VAT

Interested In Taking The Course?

Most of our courses can be booked over the telephone and a pre-payment is required to secure your place (please see our terms for further details).

At this stage you will need to provide us with copies of your current ACS certification, along with any other pre-qualification requisites.

If you are enquiring about the Pathway to Gas, Plumber to Gas or a Smart Meter Installer course you will need to attend our offices in person for an initial face-to-face meeting so we can assess your viability for the course you may be interested in.